Just a reminder to keep your fuzzy friend inside this halloween. A lot of people like to take this time of year to steal little babies to use for rituals and sacrifice. It’s horrific and painful to imagine that my little girl could get stolen for something so terrible. Keep all your animals inside no matter their color, age, or breed just to be safe.

Happy Halloween


Harvest Greetings by Adrienne Rozzi // POISON APPLE PRINTSHOP

Black crows sit atop freshly harvested pumpkins that surround a woven wreath as bats hang above in a warm Autumn welcome. Fall marks the transition from summer to winter and the time to harvest all the abundant vegetables and herbs that our mother earth has to offer. Mabon is a mid-harvest festival in which magical practitioners give thanks to the mother goddess for fertility and honor the change in seasons. It is a time to focus on the balance of light and dark, for autumn is when there is equal amounts of day and night. 

Limited Edition of 15.

Photo by Chris Goodman.


Illustration assignment based on a children’s poem about darkness.

Pimeä ratsastaa mustalla tammalla,
mustan tamman hännällä
Pimeä ratsastaa äänetöntä laukkaa,
tähtisellä kammalla
hiuksiansa kampaa,
kuusta palan haukkaa
ja sitten menee pöllö silmiin nukkumaan.

(runo: Kirsi Kunnas)